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STS® stands for Stone Thermo Set. It is a proprietary product that was created and designed to hold up in the climatic extremes. Once completely cured, STS® has a mechanical bond to the substrate that is difficult to replicate.
Paveway Systems' STS® product is among the most durable on the market. STS® has been on the road since 2006 with excellent product integrity and no reported failures.
One very attractive benefit of the STS® product is that it is designed to keep its appearance for years without much consideration for maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance we recommend is simply pressure washing to remove build-up from normal traffic conditions. Please contact us for additional recommendations on how to pressure wash your STS®.
Installation times are based on several factors such as the number of colors, pattern complexity and time of installation (day or night). Under the right circumstances, our installation teams can install up to an impressive 4,500 square feet per day.
Currently Paveway Systems, Inc. warrantees all of its installations for a minimum of 3 years on both asphalt and concrete. Wood and metal surfaces are under further review and may be offered in the future.
We appreciate the enthusiasm we receive when someone sees our product once it is installed and asks, "Will you do my driveway?" We do not currently install for residential driveways. We are considering alternatives to accommodate the demand.
Great consideration was given to the thickness of the STS® product during the design phase. STS® was designed to create an auditory response when driven over as well as stay consistent with all ADA requirements. When installed, our product is applied at a nominal thickness of 5/32 of an inch.
With proper authorization and lead time we can create virtually any design that is desired.
We can match essentially any pattern so long as it has a consistent repeating design.
Paveway Systems, Inc. prides itself on being both the manufacturer and installer of all STS®. We feel it is an advantage for cities and prime contractors to work with an installer who can back up the product being installed and its quality. By being both the manufacturer and installer of STS®, we are able to stand behind our product long after it is installed. We do not offer our STS® product to be installed by anyone other than a certified installer working for Paveway Systems, Inc.
Because Paveway Systems, Inc. is both the manufacturer and installer of STS®, repairs are very simple to perform. All of our stencils and aggregate are kept in house making it easy to match up to past projects for repairs.
Our pricing is among the most competitive in the industry. Many factors can influence the overall price such as the number of colors, size of the project, pattern complexity and the condition of the asphalt or concrete at installation. Give us an opportunity to quote you. We are confident the value of having a stunning product that is virtually maintenance free and is installed faster than most competitors will be very appealing at the quoted price.